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Thanks to Mickie and Tom Andrews for their time on sales meeting day and just before our Sales Rally in Nashville…We were able to meet with Jason Grissom and their team of lead specialists.  They really have their stuff together!  They are attracting more and more buyer leads and some that need additional help qualifying.  Our office in Memphis also operates benchmark Mortgage and to assist buyers with credit challenges.  We hope to help the Andrews Group Qualify a few more buyers.
As we meet with different Weichert offices we want to give them the opportunity to talk about their market, there office, and their staff.  Jason was nice enough to take the time to follow a short outline and provide us something to post here from the Andrews Group.  Thanks Jason!andrews-group
From Jason:
Why Weichert?
Training and accountability. I’ve never seen a company so dedicated to ensuring their agents are equipped and ready to represent their clients. Even scheduling time to use the training room is rough because our calendar is so packed.
And while knowledge is vital, it does nothing without accountability. Every day, the agents are outside my door working, taking each other to task, and helping when it’s needed. While our brokers do an excellent job of guiding and establishing a culture of responsibility, they often don’t have to – the agents know they have to answer for their actions and they strive for nothing less than 100%.
Our company strengths are:
Culture. I see veteran agents and brokers helping new agents navigate all the pitfalls of real estate daily. I’ll see those same veterans admit when they didn’t know something and embrace every chance to learn.
We have a culture in this office that draws people in and makes them want to work. It’s impossible to hold people accountable for their efforts and actions, or to celebrate their successes, when being in the office is more burden than boon.
Positives and negatives in our market:
Oddly, it’s the same thing: Nashville is incredibly hot right now.
Your first time buyers are having a tough time finding anything, and are disappointed time and time again by every home being under contract. While seller have it easier, a “hot market” attracts agents that aren’t always trained or qualified to navigate multiple offers and tense negotiations, making for a lot of failed transactions and unhappy clients.
The positive is that well-trained agents thrive regardless of the market conditions. We find our buyers homes before they hit the market, and get creative in how we can generate inventory for them. With our sellers, we make sure they are fully educated so they can accept the RIGHT offer for them, not just the first or the highest.
What’s great about your city?
The easy answer is music, but Nashville is way more than cowboy hats and guitars. What truly makes Nashville great is how it’s become a melting pot of art and creativity, melded with a history of hard work and determination. You don’t see people flocking to “get discovered” like in New York or L.A.. Instead, you’ll find entrepreneurs, song-writers, chefs, writers, craftsmen… people from all walks of life giving it their all to make their dreams a reality.
Biggest local festival?
CMA Fest is surely the largest, spanning 4 days and 70+ hours of live music from big name stars. Passes demand a premium, but people will still flock to downtown, as bars, venues, and restaurants all hold companion events. It’s truly when Nashville comes alive.
Favorite driving or road song?
“Have Mercy – The Judds.” Picked by Christina, our assistant in the Murfreesboro office. It’s the song her mom used to wear-out on long drives through Ohio. The best road songs are the ones tied to a near and dear memory.
Watch it here!
What do you love about real estate?
Everyone has their own reason for getting in to real estate. Of course we all want to make a good living and take care of our families – but people often come in to for the freedom, the opportunity to build something themselves, or chase a dream.
Regardless of your reasoning, we all value the moment when all your works comes to a head and you get to hand the keys over to an excited family. It sounds cheesy – and it sounds exactly like what you’re supposed to say – but knowing that you just helped make someone a home owner justifies all the late nights, frantic phone calls, and miles on the odometer it took to get them there.
Anything else you would like to post?
I think it’s telling of what makes working for Weichert great that this blog even exists. Few people would go on vacation and think “You know, I want to see what our other offices are like.” But that’s just it – no matter where you come from, you know you can stop in to a local office and there’ll be someone waiting with good stories, and invitation to good food and drink.
Ric and Susie – we’ll get dinner any time you’re in town!

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