Somewhere Elvis is smiling

A friend of mine recently sent me several links from different news outlets listing Memphis, Tennessee – my home town – as a contender in travel articles as best places to eat or vacation. They followed it up with a negative comment joking about our city, and it got me thinking. It is not uncommon to hear negative remarks from friends, family and neighbors about Memphis, locals seem to be the hardest on our town. It’s like it has been imprinted on our brains over the years. So when we read or hear something positive about the bluff city,  I think it surprises us. But isn’t this the wrong way to help our city thrive? Shouldn’t we stop that way of thinking for our future generations? Memphis has so much to offer, we should embrace these articles and encourage folks to spread  the good news – scary right?

Memphis is known for Elvis Presley, the Mississippi River, The Peabody Hotel, The Rendevous, Beale Street and of course the best Barbecue around – period. It’s good enough for The Grizzlies, Justin Timberlake and Penny Hardaway to call it home. lists Memphis, TN as #3 in Best Domestic Destinations! Let’s soak it up Memphis! As the article says, “With the drop in airfares, a new Graceland hotel, and all that great barbecue, you won’t be singing the blues here”  We’re even ahead of Vegas….Somewhere up there “Elvis is smiling”.

Check out the article here:

So what does this have to do with our business? Well, EVERYTHING!  We should be sharing the positive press and bragging about it every chance we get. Selling Memphis is our job, as realtors we aren’t just selling someone a house, we are selling them a lifestyle. We are helping them find that perfect location and all the amenities they require in a home. We are telling those that are re-locating for work what a great town they are moving to, and how much they will love it here. If we’re not, then we aren’t doing our job properly. So next time I hear someone crack a joke on our town…I’ll make sure to tell them how much I love it here and why!

Check out Justin Timberlake’s newest hit about Memphis here:

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